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CR January issue: Feat. FKA twigs

Source: Creative Review | Published: Wednesday 17th of December 2014 12:31:00 PM

"I don't want to be a pop star, I just love making things." An interview with the multitalented FKA twigs is the lead feature in our January Music special issue

Our new issue marks the beginning of an extension of our editorial coverage which we will be rolling out over the coming year. During the summer we carried out some major audience research which, thankfully, tied in with some of our own thinking about how to make CR more relevant, more valuable and, we hope, more interesting.

There are creative directors and creative (or design) departments in all sorts of organisations today, from broadcasters to banks, healthcare providers to sports teams. We want to link that creative community up, becoming a platform for celebrating creativity in all its forms and examining the value it brings.

For each issue of the magazine, we will be looking at a distinct sector and asking the question: "how is creativity changing this world?". Each issue will investigate key trends, highlight key innovations and individuals and discuss the impact of new thinking, new technology and new approaches. So alongside pieces on designers or creatives, you will find interviews with chefs or architects, dancers, scriptwriters and composers. We will continue to speak to people running design studios and ad agencies, but we will add to that people running theatre groups, or broadcasters, hospitals or universities ? wherever creativity is making a difference.

That doesn't mean that we will be abandoning our heartland of visual communications, more that we are reflecting the fact that inspiration now comes from multiple sources, silos are breaking down and that the studio/agency world does not have a monopoly on creativity. We will still be writing about visual communication, but we will add other forms of creativity to the mix.

We start with music. Future issues will look at food and drink, health, entertainment, education and a host of other sectors where creativity is making its mark.

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New designs from Double Standards, MoMa, MuirMcNeil, Mucho & more

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 18th of December 2014 04:32:00 PM

Our latest pick of new designs includes a signage and wayfinding system for Berlin's Museum of Decorative Arts, a striking set of posters from MuirMcNeil, colourful branding for Barcelona juice company Mother ? and some inventive festive projects from Pentagram and Love...

Double Standards ? Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin

Designed in 1996 by Rolf Gutbrod, Berlin's Kunstgewerbemuseum (Museum of Decorative Arts) is the oldest of its kind in Germany, housing industrial design and textiles as well as furniture, fashion and arts and crafts. The building was recently refurbished by architectural studio Kuehn Malvezzi and reopened in November with a simplified white foyer.

Design agency Double Standards has also created a new signage and wayfinding system, using red overhead signs to guide visitors through the space. Large scale lettering is used on the central stairwell and at the entrance to gallery spaces, while a path of red stripes at ground level lead to the main entrance and exit:

Double Standards also worked on new exhibition rooms for the museum's fashion and design collections, including a display in the building's basement of Bauhaus and contemporary product designs, and Berlin's first permanent fashion exhibition. The new graphics add a welcome dose of colour and work well within the refurbished foyer, designed to accentuate the central staircase.

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Where do you eat?

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 18th of December 2014 01:32:00 PM

Image: from Massimo Gammacurta's Candy Alphabet

We have a Food issue coming out in February and we'd like your help. Give us your recommendations for interesting, exciting, cool and/or innovative places to eat out in your town

The February issue will look at all kinds of aspects relating to creativity and food, from dining experiences to packaging, photography, food banks, apps for farmers and more.

We'd also like to include some of our readers' favourite places to go ? local gems with a creative take on eating out, either through their branding, concept, location or menu. We'll feature as many as we can fit into the issue.

We are particularly looking for UK places out of London but welcome ideas from anywhere in the world ? they could be pop-ups, street food stalls and/or vans or permanent restaurants. Please leave your recommendations in the comments section below with links

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Beyond the record sleeve

Source: Creative Review | Published: Tuesday 16th of December 2014 02:06:00 PM

Despite the doom and gloom about the death of the record sleeve, Simon Moore says there's never been a more creatively exciting time for a designer to work in music

I was lucky enough to know, from a pretty early age, exactly what I wanted to do for a career. For me, this was as a result of being  Read More»

A new look for London Luton Airport

Source: Creative Review | Published: Tuesday 16th of December 2014 05:00:00 PM

Ico Design has launched a new brand identity for Luton Airport which aims to reposition it as one of London's leading airports and improve its public image ahead of a   Read More»

Ads of the Year 2014

Source: Creative Review | Published: Friday 19th of December 2014 01:17:00 PM

Well, what a year's it's been. Here's our pick of the ten best advertising moments of 2014.

In choosing our top ads this year, our focus has been on the work that has most captured the public's imagination, that has raised discussion and debate, and has been shared all over social media and beyond. As testament to the changing nature of advertising, several of the entries on this year's list did not come out of major agencies as a 'big idea'. Instead we saw films become massive successes due primarily to public interest and shares, and two of the biggest and most memorable brand events of the year were not even official campaigns at all.

Rather than do a top ten, we've listed our hits of 2014 in date order, with the oldest ad first. Let's get started...

The Lego Movie, Lego Ad Break, PHD/Warner Bros/ITV/Drum

In early February viewers of the ITV show Dancing on Ice were in for a surprise when one of the ad breaks featured commercials created entirely in Lego. The stunt, which was created to promote The Lego Movie, included ads for Premier Inn, BT and Confused.com, all created in the little plastic bricks.

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Fiera: issue 1

Source: Creative Review | Published: Wednesday 17th of December 2014 04:35:00 PM

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer, blogger Katie Treggiden and Jeremy Leslie have launched the first issue of Fiera; a biannual publication showcasing new talent at international design fairs.

Fiera aims to help readers find emerging designers and share the stories behind products and projects featured at leading product and furniture fairs. Each issue includes a ?Kaleidoscope? section, made up of photographs from featured fairs arranged by colour, as well as creative writing, interviews with designers and articles revealing their processes, techniques and inspiration.

The inaugural issue covers London Design Festival, Designblok in Prague, the Lodz Design Festival in Poland and the Biennale Interiur in Kortrijk, Belgium, and includes interviews with new design studio Otago, Markus Friedrich Staab, Caroline Olsson and homeware brand Tiipoli.

There?s also a look at curator Daniel Charny?s Brave Fixed World exhibition celebrating the repair movement, images from Joseph Grima?s installation, SQM, which guided viewers through a derelict building, exploring the evolving identity of the home, and a series of step?by?step guides in which designers explain the making of products from ceramics to jewellery.

The magazine ends with an opinion section, in which various writers and designers reflect on design fairs, the role of design and current trends: in issue 1, Treggiden and Tom Llloyd discuss whether design has to do or say something, Elle Decoration founder Agnieszka Jacobson outlines the thinking behind Polish design school School of Form, which teaches various design disciplines alongside humanities, and It?s Nice That?s Liv Siddall discusses why she struggles to get excited about design fairs.

In her editor?s letter, Treggiden, who founded design blog Confessions of a Design Geek, says she had the idea for Fiera while on the way home from London Design Festival last year.

"There?s plenty of coverage of design fairs on blogs and social media. It?s dynamic, it?s immediate and it?s over as quickly as the fairs themselves," she writes. "We go home, we sleep it off then we all go back to life as normal. There should be a magazine, I thought ... a print magazine that collects it all up and makes sense of it somehow. That provides a lasting record of the world of design at a moment in time."

While Fiera features some great images of luxury products, creative director Leslie says "it isn?t about big glossy photographs of aspirational items" - rather, it aims to provide a guidebook for people unable to attend fairs in person. "It's about information and record, a biannual that should feel collectible. The smaller format suited that," he says.

"The issue is wrapped in a front cover and endpapers that emphasise the transitory nature of the fairs ? the big no1 on the cover is from outside one of the fairs ? [and] the overall design reflects my interest in using the basic elements of layout design to create character and personality, rather then adding decoration for decoration's sake.

"We wanted a clean, modern feel but I hope the end result isn't a cold modernism. It's based on a flexible set of parts that adapt for each of the sections, with page numbers and running heads slipping in and out as needed and column heights varying as suits. The small format allows the use of white space, without it seeming gratuitous or wasteful," he adds.

Leslie says the magazine also aims to provide a good factual overview of fairs, while also portraying  Read More»

Music Videos of the Month

Source: Creative Review | Published: Tuesday 16th of December 2014 03:11:00 PM

We have treats from Panda Bear, Clark, Diagram, Tourist, and Bastille Vs. Grades to share with you this month, but to kick things off, here's Guy Pearce as you've never quite seen him before...

Directed by Tim White, this video, which is for Pearce's song Fly All The Way, sees the actor in manic form, taking on various themes of modern life ? including society's obsession with youth and beauty ? through a spoof of crappy TV infomercials. Production company: Plot Media.

There's been some lovely animated promos released this month. First up is this video for Panda Bear, for new track Boys Latin. Directed by Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch (of Encyclopedia Pictura fame), it is a beautiful journey across land and sea. Production company: Ghost Robot.

Our second animated piece comes from directing team Persistent Peril and is for the track Phantom Power by Diagram. The video tells the story of a broken-hearted man who goes into the woods to reflect on his relationship. Illustration: Garth Jones; Animation: Garth Jones, Mark Billington, Ginny Jones.

Our final animation this month is a graphics influenced piece by director Nicolas M  Read More»

OFFSET 2015 speakers announced

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 18th of December 2014 09:58:00 AM

2014 titles by M&E

Dublin creative festival OFFSET returns for a fifth year in March, with another impressive line?up of designers, animators, illustrators, artists and creatives...

Founded by Bren Byrne, Richard Seabrooke and Peter O?Dwyer in 2009, OFFSET has become one of Europe?s biggest creative conferences ? over 2,500 people attended last year and past speakers include Seymour Chwast, Neville Brody and Erik Kessels as well as Richard Mosse, Tom Hingston, Jessica Walsh and Marian Bantjes (you can read a review of OFFSET 2014 in our May issue, or see daily reports here, here and here).

This year?s event takes place at Bord G  Read More»

Invention is the art of working with what we have

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 18th of December 2014 04:39:00 PM

Leila Johnston and 3D printer at the Hack Circus event, Access All Areas, which took place in June this year at Lighthouse Arts in Brighton. Photo: Lighthouse Arts

A year ago Leila Johnston launched Hack Circus, an independent creative collective about ?fantasy technology and everyday magic' that publishes a quarterly print magazine and stages a reality-bending live show mixing art, science and philosophy. Hack Circus is about experiencing things in the real world but, as she explains here, this has proved to be a surprisingly controversial stance...

People often ask why I am making a physical magazine when a digital version would be more relevant these days, writes Leila Johnston. The question belies a defensive fetishisation of digital, an elevation of what amounts to information convenience food.

The artistic merit of the physical world is to do with its difficulty. For a start, printed text carries culture, it is not simply a delivery mechanism for data. Objects are expensive to our pockets and demanding on our souls; we interpret them first with our hands, and we can't immediately look to hundreds of others to divine an acceptable opinion.

We are alone in our interactions with objects, and those adapted to a highly sharable world are bound to feel uncomfortable.

Cover of issue 2 ('Reality') of Hack Circus, March 2014

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