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Chris Milk on how VR can make us more empathetic

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 23rd of April 2015 04:03:00 PM

Director Chris Milk has become renowned for work that mixes cutting edge technology with old-fashioned, emotional storytelling. In this recent TED talk, he explains how virtual reality offers the opportunity for viewers to engage more deeply with other people's stories than ever before...

Virtual reality has been seized upon by brands and ad agencies recently as the latest hot new thing. Many of its uses so far have been in the style of gaming, but in this short and entertaining talk, Milk offers a vision of a VR future where we can use the headsets to understand each other better. "It's a machine," he says, "but through this machine we become more compassionate, we become more empathetic and we become more connected, and ultimately we become more human."

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PRN: an art and health magazine for nurses

Source: Creative Review | Published: Monday 27th of April 2015 02:00:00 PM

Illustration by Rosie Irvine

PRN is a new magazine for nurses which aims to combine professional advice with original illustration and articles on art and health. We asked founders Anna Magnowska and Laura Quick about their plans for the title and why they wanted to launch "a beautiful read" for nurses.

Published online, PRN contains articles on issues affecting healthcare staff alongside science and healthcare-related arts and culture content. The site combines a mix of long reads and more visual content - pieces published so far  Read More»

Our CR Annual Client of the Year: Airbnb

Source: Creative Review | Published: Monday 27th of April 2015 01:02:00 PM

A brand that understands the value of design and creativity and that is prepared to take risks: Airbnb is our CR Annual Client of the Year

Remember Gapgate? In 2010 the US-based retailer unveiled a new logo only to back down in the face of sustained online protest and ridicule and drop the offending mark soon afterwards. Fast forward to 2014 and another major brand unveils a new identity that soon draws criticism and condemnation. But instead of caving in, this brand appears to enjoy the fuss it is creating as its new mark is compared to every intimate part of the anatomy.

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R/GA London is our CR Annual Creative Agency of the Year

Source: Creative Review | Published: Monday 27th of April 2015 12:29:00 PM

With a breadth of work that feels truly representative of the industry's future and a ceaseless desire for reinvention, R/GA London is our choice for the CR Annual Creative Agency of the Year.

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D&AD judging week

Source: Creative Review | Published: Friday 24th of April 2015 02:50:00 PM

It's long been an ambition of D&AD to make the judging process not only more open but also more of an industry event in its own right, a place for wider discussion about creativity and how it is applied. And a bit more fun too. This week, they pulled it off

Though an undoubted privilege, judging awards can be a pretty exhausting, numbing experience, often not helped by the surroundings. The logistics of the bigger shows dictate that jury sessions usually take place in exhibition halls or similalrly soulless venues. D&AD has previously been judged at the ExCel centre and more recently the grand but cavernous Olympia.

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Sony World Photography Awards 2015

Source: Creative Review | Published: Friday 24th of April 2015 04:10:00 PM

The winners of the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards have been announced, with American photographer John Moore from Getty Images winning the L'Iris d'Or Photographer of the Year award, for his series depicting the Ebola crisis in Liberia.

His work has been universally credited for the early exposure of the scale of the Ebola epidemic in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. In a collective statement, the judges said of the work: "Moore's photographs of this crisis show in full the brutality of people's daily lives torn apart by this invisible enemy. However, it is his spirit in the face of such horror that garners praise. His images are intimate and respectful, moving us with their bravery and journalistic integrity. It is a fine and difficult line between images that exploit such a situation, and those that convey the same with heart, compassion and understanding, which this photographer has achieved with unerring skill. Combine this with an eye for powerful composition and cogent visual narrative, and good documentary photography becomes great."

Now in its eighth year, the annual awards celebrate work across a range of genres, are free to enter, and this year saw a record-breaking 173,444 images submitted from 171 countries.

Here's our pick from the professional category winners and shortlisted work...

Winner of the Contemporary Issues category - Butterflies Chapter 3 by Scott Typaldos, Switzerland

2nd place in the  Read More»

CR Annual 2015 plus our May issue

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 23rd of April 2015 11:03:00 AM

It's our biggest issue of the year, featuring The Annual, our 100-page showcase of the year's best work, back-to-back with this month's edition of CR which takes Luxury as its theme

The CR Annual 2015 in association with Arjowiggins Creative Papers features the pick of creative work from the past year, as chosen by our panel of judges.

As always, the work is displayed in chronological order with the best of the best featuring in our Best in Book section. Supporting video content for some entries is available to view via the Blippar smartphone app: download the app and hold it over the relevant page to watch the video on your phone.

Watch out for further posts on this site where we will reveal all our Best in Book winners as well as our creative agency of the year and client of the year.

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Ads of the Week

Source: Creative Review | Published: Friday 24th of April 2015 04:50:00 PM

This week's advertising round-up has it all: an interactive ad, an Instagram ad, even a few TV spots. Kicking off proceedings though is this lovely, Captain Pugwash-esque poster campaign for the English National Opera's forthcoming Pirates of Penzance show, directed by Mike Leigh...

As Paul Belford has pointed out recently, a brilliant poster campaign can improve the urban landscape, and this ad, illustrated by Toby Leigh, is currently doing a great job of cheering up the hallways of various stations on the London Underground.

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Our picks from Pick Me Up 2015

Source: Creative Review | Published: Thursday 23rd of April 2015 04:04:00 PM

Graphic arts festival Pick Me Up opened at London's Somerset House last night, with talks, workshops, screenings and exhibitions taking place until May 4. Here's a look at some of our favourite work on show and what's on over the next few days...

Each year, Pick Me Up showcases work from illustrators, creative collectives and galleries alongside a programme of graphic arts-related talks and workshops. The event also includes Pick Me Up's annual Selects exhibition, which features work by new and emerging illustration talent chosen by a panel of judges (this year's are  Read More»


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